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Desmond Soon was born in Singapore in October of 1977, later migrated with his family to Vancouver Canada at the age of twelve. Grew up in Vancouver throughout his teen years, getting in trouble but also getting exposed to the world of entrepreneurs and truly wealthy mentors. He studied and successfully became a qualified commercial pilot but was pulled more towards entwreprenism, getting distracted with Asia, he found himself traveling and then deciding to live on his own to work and gain experience in Japan spend over 12 years in Tokyo having a very diverse experience in the corporate world working at all the major Fortune 500 firms as well as raising capital not once but on several occasions for his Start-Ups in a foreign country not usually known for its openness to outsiders or foreigners. He quickly gained the trust and support of many local foreigners as well as influential Japanese leaders as investors or advisors to embark on his ventures with partners. Desmond is a Pan Asian Serial Entrepreneur and business coach who has been working with entrepreneurs and business owners or professionals for close to two decades to help them develop profitable and sustainable businesses. He provides them with a combination of moral and strategic practical mentorship to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship from his own real life experiences and priceless lessons he has learned from his very own well known Business and life mentors. Some like to call this the "School of Hard-Knox" Some of the organizations and professionals he has helped coach, launch and grow include a Jewellery brand, several mid-high end restaurants, a top tier Talent Booking agency, an international Day Care, an incubator share office , established actors, musicians, authors, TV & Radio talk show hosts, Motivational speakers, Writers, Consultants and Holistic health practitioners. Recently however through his Blogs, Social Media, Videos and Webinars, Desmond is currently expanding his Brand and presence Online moving away from traditional Brick and Mortar Businesses so that he can have the freedom to travel with his two young boys as well as contribute more to the inspiration of other aspiring entrepreneurs, especially parents or anyone who has been through some "setbacks" but looking to turn things around. One of his slogans he is most well known for is "Turning Setbacks into Comebacks". One of his goals now is to be more active by leveraging his presence Online and in Entrepreneurial communities or circles as an inspiration, a Motivational Speaker and practical Business Coach to larger audiences on an international level. He is currently mentored by many very wealthy and successful individuals and its no secret why he is able to tap into their wisdom and spheres of influence. Desmond also actively seeks out more mentors in multiple fields similar to how Napoleon Hill was tasked with learning and journalizing what the wealthy and successful titans of his generation knew to pass it on to those who were seeking to learn. He firmly believes that the following are keys to be successful for any aspiring entrepreneur: A combination of Belief, Confidence or Conviction, having very clear Goals/Vision, planning so that the entrepreneur is aware of the costs be it time or money or relationships, a strong network of supporters and Mentors, discipline to lead oneself, Tenacity in the face of multiple failures of setbacks, interpersonal skills, and Strength of Character to Make decisions quickly and stick with it and adapt when necessary, an ability to always be looking for opportunities and able to take massive and immediate action when one presents itself. When he isn’t working or mentoring team members or speaking at engagements, he is spending as time with his two energetic young boys...hence the term "Fatherpreneur"

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